MACKEVISION wins silver and bronze @ADC

This past weekend was the Art Directors Club award ceremony in Hamburg and MACKEVISION was awarded for their OCEAN MIND EXPERIENCE with the silver nail in “Digital Communication and Installation” as well as the bronze nail for “Spatial Experience in Film”. Also they got two mentions in “Animation” and “Exhibition Experience”. We are super proud - well done!

With the OCEAN MIND EXPERIENCE the computer generated imagery (CGI) and real-time specialists created an incredible experience, the result is a fully immersive encounter with Humpback Whales in Hawaii! It’s a completely new documentary concept.

HOLA Design Challenge by MFG

The MFG Baden-Württemberg initiates the Challenge called HOLA again this year and you can still be part of it! But was does HOLA mean, besides the spanish “hello”?! It stands for “Hochschulübergreifendes Labor für kooperatives Arbeiten” - so students as well as professors are welcome to join this creative lab together. The MFG is looking for new innovations in HOLA Design Thinking and exciting exchanges on all levels.

Register until June 2nd

ATELIER TAGE @Trossingen University of Music

The Landeszentrum MUSIC-DESIGN-PERFORMANCE at the Trossingen University of Music is hosting the studio days this month under the topic "Extended Reality and artificial Identity". There will be workshops, a symposium and a concert all considering the expansion of the reality with sound design and artificial

Day 1: Monday May 27th 6pm, Music Impuls Worksop

Day 2: Tuesday May 28th 9:30am/2:30pm/6pm Fair “Extended instruments”
11am interdisciplinary Symposium
6pm Behind the scenes
7:30pm Concert and open-space-night

Day 3: Wednesday May 29th 10am “Sound Design”
11am Think Tank “Future Music”

More information

LORD OF THE TOYS now in German theaters!

The much discussed and highly controversial thought documentary LORD OF THE TOYS by students of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg premiered in german cinemas yesterday. The movie was first shown at the 61st DOK LEIPZIG and received a lot of bad press after that. But the jury decided against the opponents and awarded the movie with the “Goldene Taube”. Also the FILMBEWERTUNGSSTELLE FBW honored the film with “highly valuable”.

The Synopsis:

Max „Adlersson“ Herzberg from East Germany is 20 y/o when he decided to quit working for ever. Instead he rather talks about knifes on his youtube channel, gets drunk in public and harasses the weak.

Is this a normal teenager growing up under the power of the internet, especially platforms like youtube and instagram or is he an extreme right-winged influencer? The documentary accompanies Max and his friends for one summer showing the circumstances in the West in general as well as in the East especially.

Short Film for Europe ODE @European Parliament Elections

“Animation for Europe” was a project of the 26th ITFS supported by the Ministry of Justice and Europe Affairs Baden-Württemberg on the occasion of the European elections on May 26th 2019. The winner film ODE by Shadi Adib and produced my our HEROES from Studio Soi premiered in the opening ceremony of the festival for animated film April 30th and was streamed every day throughout the festival week. Congratulations again and make your vote count!


Communication Camp @Hochschule der Medien

Nowadays stress in your daily life, especially in your job life, is as common as breathing for us. We work late nights, we hustle to make deadlines all the while trying to have a social life as well. Where is it gonna end or is there a way to successfully avoid stress? These and other questions about stress and mindfulness in a daily work routine will be discussed at the COMMUNICATION CAMP hosted bey the students of  Crossmedia-Redaktion/Public Relation at Hochschule der Medien.

The event will start with the Keynote “Mindful or mind full?!” and is followed by a shared yoga practice and other interesting and powerful speeches. You are welcome to join, the event is free.

When: 24th and 25th May at 4pm

Where: Hochschule der Medien, Nobelstraße 10a, Raum S105

Please register before!

10/10 for yesterdays' TATORT directed by Filmakademie Alumnis

If you missed the German Sunday TV show TATORT ANNE UND DER TOD yesterday, then you definitely missed out! Spiegel online reviewed the movie playing in Stuttgart with 10 out of 10 stars, for the main role as well as for the flashbacks in time. Directed by JENS WISCHNEWSKI, produced by FRANZISKA SPECHT, with production design by JUREK KUTTNER, music by PETER THOMAS GROMER and VOLKER ARMBRUSTER the team consisted of Alumni of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

Thank god for streaming!

Pixelcloud nominated for ALTERNATIVER MEDIENPREIS

Nominated in the category FUTURE is Pixelclouds’ Game SPACE SPäTZLE! The Player who is Alex the astronaut needs to catch all the Spätzle that are drifting around the spaceship. Curious? Then give it a try!

The ALTERNATIVER MEDIENPREIS will be awarded for the 20th time to people and projects with a different, more critical perspective towards society and commerce. The Award honors journalists for finding non-mainstream topics and projects and which are then extensively researched and well thought out.

The Award Ceremony is May 24th in Nürnberg, until then fingers crossed!

A Filmakademie BW and Trixter collab @FMX 2019

Volker Helzle, Head of Research and Development at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and Thomas Knop, Head of Studio Trixter Germany, in an interview at FMX 2019 about REAL-TIME LOOK DEVELOPMENT in Katana with VPET. Check it out!

Trixter and Animationsinstitut of Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg are collaborating to explore next generation real-time workflows for look development. The presented prototype utilizes the industry standard tool for lighting and look development in Animation and VFX productions: Katana by Foundry. The Filmakademie Virtual Production Editing Tools (VPET) are utilized to stream a lightweight version to a mobile client for collaborative interaction. Changes to lighting and setup of the scene are synchronized to the Katana scene and rendered in real-time using Redshift. Trixter contributed a real production asset from one of their recent movie Jim Button.

Trixter: Thomas Knop, Andreas Schuster

Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg: Simon Spielmann, Jonas Trottnow, Volker Helzle

More info at: