FMX 2019 Sound Design Talks with BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY and co

Nina Hartstone who got the Academy Award 2019 for best sound editing on BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY is speaking at FMX 2019 about their extraordinary work on reconstructing the concerts of Queen.

Also speaking is Martin Kwok from Park Road Post presenting the work of the Kiwi-Soundcrew on Peter Jacksons THEY SHALL NOT GROW OLD and many more, so if film making and the art of sound is something you wanna learn more about, please see the full program here.

Trevor Gates from Formosa Group will give a masterclass on Storytelling with Sound: Rhythm, Texture & Silence at Filmakademie Ludwigsburg. Please register before, thank you!

Interview with VFX SCIENCE about SAUCE

Volker Helzle, Head of Research and Development at Animationsinstitut at Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, got to talk about SAUCE (Smart Assets for re-Use in Creative Environments) with Paul Hellard from VFX SCIENCE. The European Funded Research and Innovation project will be showcased at FMX 2019 next week, so make sure you come prepared with reading this interview today!

Paul Hellard is a former film and video cameraman and production manager, now freelancing as a media journalist. He writes about VFX, animation and computer graphics

Women in Animation Germany - an initiative to be founded!

Women let’s gather, let’s talk and discuss!

The AG ANIMATIONSFILM cordially invites all interested people for the event during the ITFS 2019 in Stuttgart. The Initiative is planned to encourage women in the Animation Industry, grow networks and establish the youth development in all sectors of Animation and VFX. All support for Women in Animation is very welcome so please come and join us!

When: May 1st at 7pm

Where: Press Lounge  (Design Offices Stuttgart, Lautenschlagerstr. 23)

Also there will be a little get together friday morning

When: May 3rd at 9am

Where: Cafe LOGO (Haus der WIrtschaft)

Avengers ENDGAME coming to theaters this month!

You don’t have to wait any longer - Marvel Studios final Avengers movie is coming out April 26th! After the 2018's Avengers INFINITY WAR, 2012's Marvel's THE AVENGERS and 2015's Avengers AGE OF ULTRON, the ENDGAME is on! And on board was again RISE visual effects studio, well done you guys!

After half life was killed in Infinity War the Avengers Team as to raise again for one final stand. Make sure you are with them on this mission!

Animated Games Award Nominee :THE LONGING:

Wow, congratulation Studio Seufz! Not only did they just win the “Long Feature Award” at  A.MAZE.  but are also in the running for the “Animated Games Award” at the festival of animated film 2019 (26. ITFS)!

The game :THE LONGING: was directed by Anselm Pyta and produced by Stefan Michel. It is an experimental idle adventure game about waiting for 400 days in a cave - in real time.

The award ceremony is May 1st at 6pm in the Kunstgebäude Stuttgart - fingers crossed!

Hochschule der Medien is founding new institute!

This month the Hochschule der Medien - University of Applied Sciences - will be founding the INSTITUTE FOR APPLIED ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE In Stuttgart. More and more artificial intelligence can be found in our daily life, just thinking about how integrated and “normal” the constant usage of our Smartphones is points this out. Ethics is not far from this discussion, to which everybody is welcome to join. Read the full program here.

When: April 25th April 2019 at 2pm

Where: Audimax in der Nobelstraße 8, 70569 Stuttgart

Please register before 

FMX 2019 Games Trailer out!

The juicy truth about the real life of kitchen tools when nobody is around! Watch this fun trailer from the talented students at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

(Animation Director, Character Design: Bea Höller | Technical Directing, Compositing, Lighting/ Shading, Game Director: Daniel Schmucker | Animation-/ VFX-Producing: Laura Messner | Concept/Design: Tao Zhang | Assistant Director, Modeling: Steffen Oberle | Rigging: Mariia Prokopenko | Sound Design: Marco Dahl).