Short Film for Europe ODE @European Parliament Elections

“Animation for Europe” was a project of the 26th ITFS supported by the Ministry of Justice and Europe Affairs Baden-Württemberg on the occasion of the European elections on May 26th 2019. The winner film ODE by Shadi Adib and produced by our HEROES from Studio Soi premiered in the opening ceremony of the festival for animated film April 30th and was streamed every day throughout the festival week. Congratulations again and make your vote count!


Studio Seufz @ITFS today!

A work-in-progress presentation by our HEROES Studio Seufz!

What: “Just a Guy”

When: 15:00-16:00

Where: Metropol 3

Just A Guy is the new film project by Shoko Hara. The animated documentary film highlights the many romantic relationships of the notorious serial killer Richard Ramirez after he had already been put in jail. 
In her film, Shoko Hara herself reflects on her own correspondence to Ramirez. The piece is currently in production.

SERU Film @ITFS today!

Grab your kids and go watch the adventures of RAVEN with the voice of Jan Delay!

What: “Raven the Little Rascal 3”

When: 15:00-16:15

Where: Gloria 2

A mysterious treasure map makes Raven the Little Rascal dream about becoming King of the Forest. Because only the one who finds the treasure is wise enough to wear the kings’ crown. So obviously that can only be “King Raven”, right?!

Studio FILMBILDER @ITFS today!

First of all: congratulations to 30 years of Studio FILMBILDER and thank you for showing us your best projects out of those 30 years with “Filmbilder for Children” and “Filmbilder for Adults” yesterday!

Soo many awards went to Studio FILMBILDER for ANIMANIMALS by Julia Ocker! Today she is in with “Peacock” for Tricks for Kids Shors as well as two projects for the Baden-Wèrttemberg-Role. So keep your fingers crossed!

What: “Peacock” in Tricks for Kids Short

When: 14:30-15:00

Where: Metropol 1

What: “Fly” and “Elephant” in the Baden-Württemberg-role

When: 16:00-17:00

Where: Gloria 1

The 26 short animations about animals with different adventures was first shown on German TV in April 2018 on the kids channel KiKA. Each adventure tackles a problem of an animal, mostly being different than the others, but which in the end turns out to not be a problem at all. This is a really innovative and brave concept for Kids TV and therefore well worth the prize! Have a look for yourself and again congratulations!

M.A.R.K. 13 @ITFS today!

Again something for the whole family - the honey games are on! The HEROES M.A.R.K. 13 together with Studio 100 Media created this fascinating world around Maya the Bee and her friends.

What: “Maya the Bee 2”

When: 15:00-16:25

Where: Open Air

Maya the Bee has to take part in the honey games and even have to win them, otherwise her people will lose all the honey. But how can she win these games with a bunch of underdogs?

Edutain Me @ITFS today!

Pixelcloud and Hochschule der Medien bring to you the topic of games in classrooms. Sounds good to you or you have doubts? Make sure to hear the talk by some experts on this!

What: Edutain me 5.0 - “the playfull classroom”

When: 15:30-16:30

Where: Kuppelsaal Kunstgebäude Stuttgart

You are invited to join the classroom again - to discuss how games can fit into school lessons. The Hochschule der Medien has created the game ABGETAUCHT - EIN FISCHER LERNSPIEL together with the Ludwig Uhland Gymnasium especially for that. The topics the game is based on is biology and geography. After that there will be a discussion by experts about the process of implementing games, one of them is Christoph Rasulis from our newest member Pixelcloud.

Caligari by Traffix @ITFS today!

For the whole family! Come to Schlossplatz and enjoy the fresh air and good food while watching this super cute kids movie by our HEROES from Caligari!

What: “Coconut and the little Dragon - into the jungle”

When: 15:00-16:20

Where: Open Air

This is going to be the best holiday ever! Coconut The Little Dragon is thrilled about going to summer camp with his best friends Oscar and Matilda. But due to wild Water Dragons and carnivorous plants, the adventure he wished for turns out tougher than expected.