Deutscher Filmpreis 2019 nominates Filmakademie Alumnis!

Steffi Ackermann, together with Tobias Rosen and Willi Geiken, is nominated for producing ROCCA - VERÄNDERT DIE WELT in the category Best Kids Film! The movie portrays a young and fearless girl conquering the world on her own, dreaming to become an astronaut just like her father.

Steffi Ackermann has just been announced Vice President Local Production at Warner Bros Germany, congrats to that and fingers crossed for the LOLA Award!

Also congratulation to Luise Heyer who is nominated for the best female leading role in DAS SCHÖNSTE PAAR. The Alumni Sven Taddicken is responsible for script and direction whereas Daniela Knapp takes all the credits for the image composition!

The awards ceremony takes place May the 3rd - until then fingers crossed!