Studio FILMBILDER @ITFS today!

First of all: congratulations to 30 years of Studio FILMBILDER and thank you for showing us your best projects out of those 30 years with “Filmbilder for Children” and “Filmbilder for Adults” yesterday!

Soo many awards went to Studio FILMBILDER for ANIMANIMALS by Julia Ocker! Today she is in with “Peacock” for Tricks for Kids Shors as well as two projects for the Baden-Wèrttemberg-Role. So keep your fingers crossed!

What: “Peacock” in Tricks for Kids Short

When: 14:30-15:00

Where: Metropol 1

What: “Fly” and “Elephant” in the Baden-Württemberg-role

When: 16:00-17:00

Where: Gloria 1

The 26 short animations about animals with different adventures was first shown on German TV in April 2018 on the kids channel KiKA. Each adventure tackles a problem of an animal, mostly being different than the others, but which in the end turns out to not be a problem at all. This is a really innovative and brave concept for Kids TV and therefore well worth the prize! Have a look for yourself and again congratulations!