RISE FX @FMX today!

Have you seen CAPTAIN MARVEL yet? It only went to german theaters this month! Today the people from RISE and Trixter are here to talk about their magic on this VFX masterpiece!

What: “Captain Marvel” VFX: From LA to hala, Fury to Goose

When: 15:15-16:15

Where: König-Karl-Halle


Additional VFX Supervisor Janelle Croshaw Ralla will discuss the visual effects of Captain Marvel.  She will be joined by Dominik Zimmerle, VFX Supervisor for Trixter, and Florian Gellinger, Executive Producer at Rise Fx, to discuss the making of the film.  They will take you all the way from pre-production and filming in and around Los Angeles to building the fully digital city of Hala.  They'll go in depth on the de-aging workflow for Samuel L. Jackson and how they created the digital version of Goose the cat, and they'll discuss many of the other varied visual effects throughout the film.