Women in Animation @FMX today!

A Women in Animation-Panel with some badass Ladybosses! Head over here for some female power going around!

What: “Focusing Female Firepower: The Path to Inclusivity”

When: 12:00-13:00

Where: Meidinger Saal


Times are changing, with more and more women rightfully climbing the career ladder. Yet, the entertainment industry is still in the process of becoming truly inclusive. This issue makes it all the more important to keep discussing the challenges that female professionals are facing. FMX 2019 is proud to cooperate with Women in Animation for a panel - curated and moderated by Kim Adams (Co-Founder, Adventure Lab) -, which will feature four brilliant women. Andrea Miloro (Co-President, Blue Sky Studios), Trisha Gum (Filmmaker), Sharon Taylor (Group Chief Operating Officer, Animal Logic) and Imke Fehrmann (CEO, Hahn Film AG) will discuss the impact of marginalizing the female perspective in the entertainment industry and specific actions we can take as we change the tide.