Here are the 3 Nominees for the German "Animationssprecherpreis"

Who gets the golden Trickstar this year? This three actors are in for the win with lending their voices to a character in an animated film: Aylin Tezel, Nellie Thalbach and Otto Waalkes. The Award Ceremony is taking place at the Festival Of Animated Film in Stuttgart 2nd of May. We are already looking forward to the outcome!

Aylin Tezel is giving her voice to a Yeti-girl in “Smallfoot - Ein eisigartiges Abenteuer“ (2018). Trailer

Nellie Thalbachs’ voice is given to a little badger in „Der kleine Rabe Socke – Suche nach dem verlorenen Schatz“ (2019). Trailer

And finally you can hear Otto in „Der Grinch“ (2018). Trailer