Mackevision @FMX today!

You probably have seen the amazing work Mackevision did for PETA with creating this completely computer-animated pig; today the genius people behind it will talk you through the process!

What: Emotional Characters: Creating a digital pig for “Best Friend”

When: 15:15-16:15

Where: Gloria 2

The short movie “Best Friend”, created for animal rights organization PETA, marked the launch of the first element in Mackevision’s creature pipeline and earned several nominations like VES Award, Deutscher Werbefilmpreis and Animago Award. Star of the show is the piglet Lucky – ridiculously cute, deceptively true to life and 100% computer-animated. Join our talk to find out how our team digitally created Lucky – from its skeleton, the muscles, fascia, fat, skin and fur – layer-by-layer, right up to the finished animal.