First Speaker for RAUMWELTEN secured!

With the title "Vermessen! Maß und Maßlosigkeit in der Rauminszenierung" (free translation “measure and excessiveness in interior design”) the RAUMWELTEN 2019 will take place in November this year in Ludwigsburg and the Film- and Medienfestival gGmbH just secured their first Keynote Speaker Greg Lynn! The american architect is considered one of the 10 most influential architects alive by the Forbes Magazin!

When: 13th-151h November 2019

18th NATURVISION Filmfestival in Stuttgart

The NATURVISION is an unique Filmfestival for nature, wildlife and environment and with its’ impressive movies and projects it shows the people how beautiful our world is. The Festival also holds an international film competition and one of the nominated films is the MFG promoted live- documentary “An den Rändern der Welt” (more). The Greenpeace and Natur photographer Markus Mauthe travels to the last tribal communities and tells their story and daily struggles with fighting the destruction of their habitats. See the trailer below and be amazed!

The Festival takes place 11th-14th July in Ludwigsburg.