Yesterdays HEROES Workshop "Tracking in Nuke with KeenTools"

The AMCRS and Design Offices Stuttgart hosted this killer workshop with KeenTools yesterday for our members and the hands-on event was well visited and appreciated! Thanks again for participating!

For all interested people this is what KeenTools is about, check them out:

KeenTools is a suite of tracking-related plugins for Nuke. The main goal is to make tracking as easy as possible, ultimately not requiring any work at all. At the moment the main plugin of the suit is GeoTracker — a tool for tracking of rigid and deformable 3D models. With FaceBuilder you can create a precise 3D model of human head and face based on a couple of photos of an actor or even on just a single frame of a footage where you want to track that face or head later. To track head and face models you can use either GeoTracker (head tracking), or FaceTracker which lets you track facial gestures. They have a number of helper plugins as well: ReadRiggedGeo — importing deformable 3D models into Nuke, TextureBuilder — creating textures of tracked (or "pinned") objects, and PinTool — placing 3D models on a footage (e.g. "manual" tracking).