Communication Camp @Hochschule der Medien

Nowadays stress in your daily life, especially in your job life, is as common as breathing for us. We work late nights, we hustle to make deadlines all the while trying to have a social life as well. Where is it gonna end or is there a way to successfully avoid stress? These and other questions about stress and mindfulness in a daily work routine will be discussed at the COMMUNICATION CAMP hosted bey the students of  Crossmedia-Redaktion/Public Relation at Hochschule der Medien.

The event will start with the Keynote “Mindful or mind full?!” and is followed by a shared yoga practice and other interesting and powerful speeches. You are welcome to join, the event is free.

When: 24th and 25th May at 4pm

Where: Hochschule der Medien, Nobelstraße 10a, Raum S105

Please register before!