Studio Seufz @ITFS today!

A work-in-progress presentation by our HEROES Studio Seufz!

What: “Just a Guy”

When: 15:00-16:00

Where: Metropol 3

Just A Guy is the new film project by Shoko Hara. The animated documentary film highlights the many romantic relationships of the notorious serial killer Richard Ramirez after he had already been put in jail. 
In her film, Shoko Hara herself reflects on her own correspondence to Ramirez. The piece is currently in production.

Animated Games Award Nominee :THE LONGING:

Wow, congratulation Studio Seufz! Not only did they just win the “Long Feature Award” at  A.MAZE.  but are also in the running for the “Animated Games Award” at the festival of animated film 2019 (26. ITFS)!

The game :THE LONGING: was directed by Anselm Pyta and produced by Stefan Michel. It is an experimental idle adventure game about waiting for 400 days in a cave - in real time.

The award ceremony is May 1st at 6pm in the Kunstgebäude Stuttgart - fingers crossed!